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    Do I need my old drive as a core?

    We only sell new products, so we don't have any use for a core - do not send one in.

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    Is it easy to install?

    With our Installation Guide and some basic hand tools, you should be able to swap it in a couple of hours.

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    How do I break in my new drive?

    It is the same if you change just the upper, lower or both. For the first 5 hours do not run a constant RPM. Vary the RPM's every 5 minutes or so. Do not exceed 75% throttle for the first 5 hours. Shift into forward and reverse a minimum of 10 times in the first 5 hours. For hours 5-10 you should do short runs at full throttle. After 10 hours normal operation can resume. Change the gear lube between 10 and 20 hours.

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    Can you interchange SEI parts with other suppliers?

    There are several companies that manufacture parts for this style drive. They should all interchange with no problems. We do not recommend mixing the gear sets between manufacturers.

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    What is the recommended maintenance schedule?

    You should change the gear lube every 100 hours or every year. Also check to see if there is any water in your drive. You should also replace the impeller once a year.

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    What can I do to protect my new drive?

    There are a few things. The obvious one is to avoid hitting any rocks. You could also look for an aftermarket drive shower. It will spray water onto the top cover of your drive and help to keep it cool. And remember, gear lube is cheap compared to a replacement drive, so change it more often if you want. There are also aftermarket gear lube resevoirs available for boats that do not have them from the factory. They are a little more involved to install, but it will protect your new drive if you have a seal failure.

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    How do I determine what gear ratio I need to order?

    Give us a call with the year and engine size of your boat and our sales staff will assist you.

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    If I buy a complete sterndrive how will it arrive?

    We ship the units in halves only. A complete unit is too heavy to ship without shipping damage. You will receive two parts to join.

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    Will your SE106 replace my older model drive?

    Yes, although if you have an inline engine, you will need to check the length of the input yoke.

    Please see this Guide for Instructions: (Adobe Acrobat is required to view the file)
    Inline Engine Short Yoke Installation

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