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    Lake Testing

    Endurance Testing

    SEI. has been testing and developing its own line of replacement drives for over a year at the company's research lake in Central Florida.

    We use a stationary dock for 24 hour, 7 day a week extreme endurance testing. Utilizing living quarters and permanent fuel tanks, we are able to test a drive through a full life-cycle to perfect and analyze our design and parts.

    Specialized Equipment

    SEI spent thousands of dollars on gasoline alone testing its drives during 2003!

    We have a dedicated, filtered gasoline tank system in place, a self-powered facility, and monitoring systems for 24/7 testing.



    SEI partnered and invested in advanced CNC gear-cutting machines produced by Gleason. Gleason is a world leader in the manufacturing and technology of spiral bevel gears used in outboard lower units. SEI utilizes both an in-house, gear design engineering team and several world-renown, spiral bevel gear specialists to ensure that SEI manufactures only the highest-quality gears in the aftermarket.


    A Hardness Tester is used to verify case and core hardness of gears and other parts.


    A cut-off saw is used to section gears for further analysis, such as nitric acid etching, to determine depth of case hardness