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    Outboard Motors

    Outboard motors were developed as an all in one self contained propulsion system. It is mounted at the stern or rear of the boat and is the most common way to propel smaller boats. Outboards are available with horsepower’s ranging from 2-350 HP. It is common for some large Outboard powered boats to have 2, 3 or even 4 Outboard engines.

    Outboards are unique as once boats are about to enter shallow water or be taken off the water, the outboard motor can be trimmed up so that you can elevate the propeller and take the gearcase out of water. This will avoid getting too much seaweed or hitting rocks that could possibly damage the boat’s motor.

    As for the history of outboard motors, a Norwegian-American inventor named Ole Evinrude in 1909 created the first outboard motor.

    Most Outboards have two-stroke cycle engines because they are so simple and reliable. They are also low cost and have high power-to-weight ratios. Now with Outboard emissions being a concern 4-stroke and Direct Fuel Injection 2 stroke Outboards are being manufactured by companies such as Mercury, Yamaha and Evinrude Johnson. The downside to 4-stroke Outboard motors is they are much heavier than their two stroke counterparts.

    SEI manufactures Aftermarket replacement Outboard gearcases or gearcases for Mercury, Yamaha and Evinrude Johnson Outboard motors. We presently manufacture the V6 outboard gearcases only. We hope to add 4 Cylinder Outboard gearcases in the next year.