Only New at SEI Tested, Tested & Tested Again 3 Year Fault Free Warranty

Simply put, buying a remanufactured drive is risky.

Common practices in the industry include reusing critical wear parts such as cases, gears, shafts and bearings. Inspecting these parts to determine a reasonable expected remaining life is nearly impossible. Consequently, premature failures are common.

Why risk relying on used and possibly worn out parts when you can buy brand new drive a from SEI for less money?

Sterndrive Engineering has spent 18 months and 10's of thousands of dollars on product testing at the company's private research lake in Central Florida. The result is a drive that we can say with 100% confidence works. Add that to our three-year warranty and it's easy to see why SEI is quickly becoming the largest supplier of replacement drives in the world. SEI's warranty is the best in the industry for anyone considering purchasing a new drive. 3 Year Fault Free Warranty

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